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CCTV installation & surveillance offers vital protection for your assets preventing significant financial losses and damage.


Here at Doyle Security we are a trusted provider having delivered this service for almost 40 years.

Advances in CCTV Technology

The evolution of Closed Circuit Television has seen significant improvements in image quality, from black and white to colour, High Definition (HD), and now 4K resolution. Advances in lenses, image storage, camera design, and durability have further enhanced the effectiveness of CCTV systems.

Navigating the Options

With thousands of manufacturers and models available, selecting the right system can be daunting. So, Doyle Security brings extensive experience in designing all types of systems, from large industrial sites to residential setups.

Expert Guidance in System Design

All our CCTV systems come with full SSAIB certification, therefore ensuring compliance with industry standards. So, similar to our Intruder Alarm and Access Control design services, we guide customers through the design process, offering insights into the multitude of options available.

Choose Doyle Security for Reliable Solutions

You can trust Doyle Security to provide reliable CCTV systems tailored to your needs. So contact us today to discuss your requirements and benefit from our expertise in designing effective security solutions.

Our CCTV in Yorkshire and nearby will give you the protection you need, helping you sleep at night and relax in the knowledge that any unwanted visitors will be spotted by our team of dedicated professionals who work around the clock in our control rooms and operations centres.

For more on our monitoring see our page on this here:

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Guidance on the use of domestic CCTV – GOV.UK (

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Once installed we will monitor and maintain the system and can provide a manned response service in the event of an activation.

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