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Doyle Security Ltd is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement for both clients and its own people. It is our policy to achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering a level of service, through established procedures and commitment, which will exceed expectations.

To ensure the best quality we operate a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 The Company will comply with all the requirements and strives to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. The company is accredited to, and adheres to, the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, BS 10800:2020, BS 7499:2020 BS 7858:2019, BS7958:2015, BS 7984:1-2016,BS7984-2:2020, BS7984-3:2020 and BS 10002:2020

This will be done by analysing key performance indicators which include data such as internal and external audit results, customer satisfaction surveys, customer complaints, daily log sheets and incident reports.

Doyle Security Ltd recognises that quality is a companywide responsibility. We achieve organisational excellence and quality awareness through innovative process improvements, training our people, offering true value for money to our clients and developing customer and employee satisfaction programmes. Our company strives for continual improvement to ensure that its operations and clients and continuously receiving a high level of service. This is achieved by setting and adhering to predetermined objectives and targets. Through this focus on quality, we aim to ensure that our business continues to be a valued service for our customers resulting in quality service.

Doyle Security Ltd ensures that it complies with current legislation and codes of practice as set out by the government and associated bodies. It maintains a quality management system in accordance with ISO9001-2015 Quality Management Systems.

This Quality policy is explained to all new and existing employees and all relevant stakeholders through the company induction and company website as well as being readily available within the company office. This is to ensure that the basic principles of quality assurance are instilled within our workforce, and they understand their importance.

The basis of these principles is:

  • Our team of staff are our key resource.
  • We will ensure that our standards of service are current, and we will continually strive to improve them in line with the requirements of all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • We will endeavour to always satisfy our clients requirements.
  • We will effectively analyse and monitor our performance to continually improve our service.
  • We will strive to empower our employees with the knowledge required to carry out their duties safely, efficiently and with commitment to the company and our clients and stakeholders.

All employees will be informed of this policy, which will be documented, maintained and regularly reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant to the future of Doyle Security’s organisational process. This policy will be displayed in various places within the office and the company website. It is also available should any stakeholders with to view it.

In addition to the above principles in quality assurance the company is committed to meeting and exceeding our Critical Success Factors which will be monitored, measured and reviewed on a regular basis.







Print: Andrew Nicholson

Position: Managing Director

Date: March 2023

Review Date: March 2024

Reviewed annually at the Annual Management Review.