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IP CCTV: Upgrading from Analogue

The transition from analogue to IP CCTV systems presents a leap in security surveillance efficiency, particularly when integrating with existing company networks.

Here’s a concise overview of the benefits: 

1. Enhanced Image Quality: 

IP cameras offer high-definition video recording and transmission, surpassing analogue counterparts. Digital zoom features further enhance clarity and detail. 

2. Expanded Coverage Area:

A single IP CCTV camera can cover the area of multiple analogue cameras, optimising surveillance efficiency and reducing costs. 

3. Simplified Installation: 

IP systems utilise existing infrastructure, requiring fewer cables and simplifying installation with switches and Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. 

4. Scalability and Futureproofing:

IP CCTV systems allow for seamless expansion and integration of advanced features, ensuring long-term effectiveness and adaptability. 

5. Remote Accessibility and Analytics:

Remote access and advanced analytics capabilities enhance operational flexibility and security responsiveness. 

In conclusion, upgrading to IP CCTV not only improves surveillance quality but also streamlines installation and future-proofs security infrastructure. 

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An example of IP CCTV along with one of our intruder alarms

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