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Solar CCTV Systems: an eco-friendly solution

Doyle Security’s solar CCTV systems are more than just a nod to green credentials; they are a robust solution designed for true sustainability. Engineered to have zero carbon impact, these systems are an eco-friendly choice for security needs. We provide effective surveillance while looking after our planet.

As the UK moves towards its targets of net zero by 2050, it is an important responsibility for the security industry to find sustainable solutions in it’s practices and materials.

Outlined on the British Security Industry Association here:

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Our range of units includes 1 to 4 IP high-definition cameras and multi-network 5G SIM. Whether for remote sites or temporary installations our solar CCTV systems deliver’s reliable performance without compromising on environmental responsibility. 

For more on our CCTV Systems see this blog below:

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An exmaple One of our solar cctv systems

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