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‘No More’: Doyle Security supporting Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Doyle security are supporting South Yorkshire Police and are out helping to promote ‘No More’ .

NO MORE: Stand with us and say ‘No More’ to violence against women and girls

We stand shoulder to shoulder with women across South Yorkshire and nationwide as we say ‘No More’ to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

As part of a bold new campaign, South Yorkshire women have united in a rallying cry to everyone across the UK – to stand with us as allies and create spaces where women feel safe.

The ‘No More’ campaign is centred around the microaggressions and acts of violence that women face every day, with a particular focus on those most prevalent in the night time economy. Powerful statements lay bare the unacceptable situations too many women and girls experience on a night out:

“I said we could dance, not dry hump.”

“No more pressing against me at the bar.”

“I didn’t ask how my boobs look.”

“No more d**k pics.”

Now we ask both women and men to join the fightback, urging bystanders in these situations to become upstanders who call out violence, harassment, intimidation, humiliation or misogyny for what it is.

Funded by the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and delivered by South Yorkshire Police, the campaign has been developed with input from the force’s Independent Advisory Group for VAWG, made up of those who have lived experience of VAWG, or who work in organisations that support women and girls who have experienced this type of violence.

In addition, the campaign’s video and imagery star real women from our communities here in South Yorkshire.

Read more about the campaign launch on our website, and visit the No More website here:

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