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Barnsley Bank Holiday: Ensuring a Safe Time

The bank holiday is approaching and the vibrant nightlife in Barnsley is set to be busier than ever. We are committing to ensuring that everyone can enjoy a fun and safe night out. Our dedicated Nightlife Marshals and Angels will be out in full force, providing a reassuring presence and offering assistance where needed.

Meet Our Nightlife Marshals

Our Nightlife Marshals are easily recognisable in their red high-visibility jackets. Firstly they play a crucial role in managing the taxi rank queues, ensuring that everyone can get home safely and efficiently. Further more their responsibilities include:

  • Managing Taxi Ranks: Keeping the taxi queues orderly, preventing conflicts, and ensuring a smooth process for everyone waiting for a ride home.
  • Resolving Arguments: Stepping in to mediate and resolve disputes before they escalate.
  • Handling Inappropriate Behaviour: Addressing any incidents of inappropriate behaviour promptly and professionally to maintain a safe environment for all.

Our marshalls are training to handle a variety of situations, henceforth ensuring that your night out in Barnsley remains enjoyable and trouble-free.

Introducing Our Nightlife Angels

In addition to our marshalls, our Nightlife Angels are providing support to anyone who feels vulnerable or alone. Wearing pink high-visibility jackets, they are a comforting presence for those who need assistance. Their focus includes:

  • Helping the Vulnerable: Offering help to anyone who feels unsafe or vulnerable, ensuring they have someone to turn to.
  • Preventing Violence: Specialising in preventing violence against women and young girls, our Angels work to create a safer environment for everyone.
  • Providing Support: Whether it’s offering a listening ear, helping someone find their friends, or ensuring they get home safely, our Angels are there to support you.

Our Nightlife Angels are trained to deal with sensitive situations with care and compassion, making sure that everyone can enjoy a night out without fear.

Our Commitment to Safety

At Doyle Security, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and enjoyable nightlife environment. Our teams are strategically placed around Barnsley town centre to provide assistance and ensure that everyone can celebrate the bank holiday with peace of mind.

So, we encourage everyone to look out for our Nightlife Marshals in red and our Nightlife Angels in pink. They are there to help and ensure that your night out is as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday Responsibly

As we prepare for a bustling bank holiday weekend, we remind everyone to celebrate responsibly. Know your limits, stay with your friends, and finally don’t hesitate to approach our marshalls if you need help. Together, we can make Barnsley a safer place for everyone to enjoy.

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Our reliable team of marshalls prepare for a night protecting the town's people

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