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Security in Yorkshire: Preventing burglary & home invasions

What would you do if you were sitting at home one night watching your favourite tv show only to be interrupted by the sound of someone walking straight into your home? This is the reality of many who’ve experienced home invasions or burglary and why security in yorkshire is something we are so passionate about.

It’s terrifying to think about, but these crimes do happen, and they are becoming more and more regular in occurrence. But to better understand home invasions and how to protect yourself from them, we should first define the term “home invasion” and what it means.

A key difference in security breaches

While these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they’re not exactly the same.

A burglary is when a thief breaks into an unoccupied home with the intent to steal. A home invasion is when a criminal breaks into an occupied home often with violent intent. This could be theft, but it could also be an assault a kidnapping, or another violent crime.

Home invasions are more dangerous than burglaries and are treated as such in the eyes of the law. But you might be wondering exactly how frequently these crimes occur.

It is extremely unfortunate that in the current climate, home invasions have become an all too regular occurrence. What is more concerning is that the intruders are well aware that are undeterred by knowing residents are at home.

Important Security Advice

With this mind I would like to some simple advice that may deter and even prevent a home invasion for everyone looking to improve their security in yorkshire.

  • Always lock your doors ! – Even while you are at home, the practice of locking your external doors can prevent an intruder simply walking in.
  • Have a working intruder alarm – allowing you to move around at night while detecting an open door or window
  • Keep a telephone close by – ideally with a neighbours number on speed dial. If you need help, they will be the ones who can assist or call the Police on your behalf.
  • Consider a CCTV system – a CCTV system can be the best visual deterrent for any potential intruder. 
  • Install sensor lights  – Sensor lights that illuminate when they detect movement can give a warning that someone is near
  • Don’t open the door to a stranger – this may sound simple but often an intruder will wait until someone opens the door to then enter the property by force.


At the end of the day, the more protective barriers you have in place, the better your odds of not falling victim. Think of some of the tips above as the walls of a fortress. A criminal might be willing to challenge one or two barriers, but if you have three, four, or five in place, they’re likely going to look elsewhere.

Andrew Nicholson MSyl

Andrew Nicholson is the Managing Director of Doyle Security based in Yorkshire, and has over two decades of experience in the private security industry and is a member of the Security Institute.

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