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We were contacted by Albion Valves who had recently suffered two break ins. Albion Valves are a company who import a large amount of alloys and metal components and distribute them throughout the UK.

The recent break ins they had suffered were from intruders who had entered the car park late at night and had used crow bars to open external doors. Once inside they were only in the premises for a matter of minutes but this still allowed them to make off with a number of expensive items.

It was clear that the intruders were well organized and knew both the lay out of the premises and the access roads leading to the site, meaning that they could enter and exit quickly under the cover of darkness.

The challenge for Doyle security was to come up with a solution that not only provided a visual deterrent but also give an early warning system should intruders enter the car park or perimeter area. Should the system activate we then needed to ensure we could deploy a response vehicle to the site quickly so as to prevent a major loss.


After consulting with the customer and discussing the options available we agreed a multi layered approach was required. Firstly, we agreed to install a new CCTV system with the ability to provide detection cover to the large car park area. This would ensure that we received an “early warning” that potential intruders were on site. This was supported by additional cameras around the perimeter and inside the building.

A tannoy system and “Master Blaster” siren was also recommended and installed so that should intruders enter the car park or perimeter we could alert them to the fact that they were being monitored and the Police and Security support was on its way.


Internally we made changes to our mobile response patrols to ensure that a vehicle was always close by should the worst happen, and we needed to attend site. In discussion with the customer we also improved our communication lines so that if required we could inform them of any attempted breaches in security.

A number of Doyle Security high visibility warning signs were placed around the perimeter to offer another layer of protection.

As part of our comprehensive service, we carried out a full security survey of all the company’s procedures from the day to day lock and unlock procedures, alarm setting and unsetting to basic good housekeeping such as closing gates and external doors.

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Doyle Security started off by providing us with manned guarding and as their services have increased, so has our use of them. We now use Doyle’s for manned guarding, intruder alarms and CCTV and having nothing but praise for the way they approach and handle security on our sensitive site.

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Security Manager

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